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“The Password Dilema”



How many of you have actually thought about password theft?

How many of you use the same password for everything online?

How many times have you had to reset your online passwords?

How many of you have had your Facebook or
email accounts hacked?

After reading tons of blogs about password security, what to include and what not to include like your pets name etc. we came across a Storage craft blog by Casey Morgan that provides a guide on how to create a password formulae.

Using a password formula

With this method, you basically create a formula with a few variables that change for each site you need to login to. This way you can have a formula with lots of special characters that’s complex, but one that also changes for each site you go to so you never have the same password twice. Unless someone discovers both your formula and how you select the variables for each site, you’ll have a secure, unique password across the board. Here’s an example of what one might be:


You can see that there are three variables bolded above: X, Y, and Z. There are a number of ways to determine what these variables will be. But let’s just say you take the first three letters of the website you’re on and use those as your variables. If you were on, you’d take the first three letters, AMA, and plug that in for your variables, giving you:


Microsoft provides an online password checker that will give you an indication on how strong your password is.

Do you have multiple passwords written down to a number of online locations and always finding yourself having to reset or recover. This can be very time consuming and sometimes ends up in re-creating an account from scratch.

Why not use an online password manager. Once all setup you only need to remember 1 password which is the master password for your vault.

Password managers like LastPass make it ultra-simple to manage the dozens of passwords you use, and even let you share them if multiple users need access to the same accounts. As you may know, LastPass let you save lots of passwords for lots of sites, all of which live inside a “vault” behind one super-secure master password.