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E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste recycling
what is e-waste recycling?
E-Waste is the responsible destruction and recycling of all Electronic Equipment that has reached the end of their useful life.

Digital O2 can dismantle and recycle most End of life Electronic items, Securely and Safely. Some of these items that can be recycled are:

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Server and Storage devices
  • Peripherals
  • Networking Solutions
  • Video Conferencing
  • Printing and Scanning Equipment
  • Mobile Phones
  • Printers, Faxes and Multi Function Devices

Physically Destroying digital media should be the only means trusted to dispose of media containing personal or client DATA

We also provide Hard Drive Destruction including:

  • Hard Drive Degaussing
  • Facility Based Hard Drive Destruction