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Smart Gear Athletes are wearing at the Rio Olympics

Check out the list of gadgets athletes are using to help them push for Gold.

  1. solos
    Some Cyclists are wearing Solo smart glasses with a tiny display and built in headphones. Capable of providing the cyclist with metrics like Heart rate, pace , distance and cadence.
  2. lumiwave
    Some gymnastics teams will be using LumiWaves infrared light therapy device. It’s suppose to beam infrared light in the muscle tissue thus increasing blood flow and providing temporary pain relief.
  3. Vert
    Some vollyball teams will be using the Vert wearable jump tracker. Capable of measuring how high, far and how often each player jumps. The data is sent to an app which allows coaches track athletes over exerting themselves.
  4. visa
    Visa has provided the payment ring to athletes it sponsors. Allowing athletes to walk around cashless and paying for items by tapping the ring on the eftpos terminal.
  5. kinsa
    Due to the Zika virus spooking some athletes Kinsa has donated its smart stick devices to US athletes. Temperatures are recorded in a mobile app where symptoms and other health issues can be recorded. The app also has a social networking feature so athletes in the same team can share data and keep an eye on each other.