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Australian Businesses are redefining work rules and embracing flexibility


Recent global research has uncovered, when you work is just as important as where you work.

What flexibility resembles in the new hybrid work environment has been a subject of discussion since the COVID-19 pandemic forced employees and their employers out of the office and into their homes.

The term flexibility is thrown around generally without any well-defined indication of what that looks like in practice. Initially these discussions focus on location – in the office, remote, or a fusion of the two. Organisations feel they are achieving flexibility by concentrating solely on the workers location, without consideration that staff might also be keen to escape from the conventional 9-to-5 workday – and specifically, days packed full of back-to-back meetings that push that “9-to-5 workday”, into late evening hours to keep up with the workload.

It’s unsurprising to find that according to Future Forum Pulse, 93 percent of employees want flexibility in when they work, while a smaller but still significant percentage (76 percent) want flexibility in where they work. Moreover, only 20% of employees see the office as a place for focused, solo work.

Where does your IT and Digital O2 engage in the new Hybrid work environment and flexible work hours?

Digital O2 has a track record in delivering scalable, high-availability cloud and hybrid cloud systems that allow your workforce to flexibly complete tasks with increased productivity and increased IT security. Our Private Cloud Solutions use tier 1 infrastructure on fully redundant systems in cutting edge Australian Data Centres located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Our Cloud based PBX allows your workforce to communicate with clients and staff from anywhere, anytime seemingly from one location.

As Silver Microsoft partners, Digital O2 can help staff work better together with business-class email and shared calendars by leveraging Office 365 Exchange Online, as well as IM and web conferencing utilising Microsoft Teams.

We seamlessly migrate your existing infrastructure to ensure minimal downtime, then provide tools required to employees to achieve digital success in the new WFH, flexible workplace.

For more information about how Digital O2 can help your transform and re-imagine the way you and your staff work, Contact Digital O2 today.