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Can a Smartphone attachment detect cancer?

cancersnesorCan a Smart phone attachment really detect cancer? Well according to Researchers at Washington State University, they have developed a sensor that uses a smartphone’s camera to detect several types of cancers at 99% accuracy with laboratory quality results.

The sensor can process up to eight blood or tissue samples at the same time and can detect the human protein interleukin-6 (IL-6) that is a known biological marker for lung, prostate, liver, breast and epithelial cancers.

A custom smartphone multi-view app uses the phone’s built-in camera and was developed to control the optical sensing parameters and to align each sample to the corresponding spectrometer channel. The captured images are converted into a  spectrum in the visible wavelength range.

While smartphone spectrometers exist today, the WSU researchers said the eight-channel smartphone spectrometer is unique, and about $150 to produce.


So the goal is to to translate bio detection technologies used in laboratories to the field and clinic, so patients can get nearly instant diagnoses in a physician’s office, an ambulance or the emergency room.

Originally posted on IT World