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Ever heard of RanScam?


The latest version of Ransomware out, or is it. Victims have to pay a ransom of 0.2 bitcoins roughly $130 USD to unlock their data. Turns out this is exactly as the title suggests, a Scam.

The File are supposedly encrypted on a hidden partition. The malware rattles the victim further by threatening to delete a file each time they click the payment button without following through.

But the button does not work, the page has been setup NOT to accept payment. Apparently victims have to inquire via email to pay the bitcoin. Sounds a little strange for a Ransomware?

It turns out your file have already been destroyed and not encrypted even after payment has been made. Security experts have spared no quarter in criticizing Ranscam. IT community describes the malware creators as “amateurs”, “lazy”, and “low-tech”.

But Ranscam is of a different destructive nature. The malware destroys a number of critical system files. This includes registry keys and files that fire up the Windows System Restore utility. So there’s not really any point in paying when your files are already destroyed.

Again don’t get caught out make sure you have your data backed up and your systems secure. Contact us now.


Originally posted on Storage Craft recovery Zone