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The most Indestructible NAS yet!

ios safe

With insane capabilities to match the insane antics, IoSafe has become the darling of the CES demo crowd. But getting past the glitzy demos and beneath IoSafe’s patented ablative armor and water-sealing technology, you’ll find that the IoSafe is not only durable but also a first-rate NAS. In fact, it’s a Synology DiskStation under the hood. In other words, IoSafe has taken a great NAS device and wrapped it in a casing that will survive a flood or a fire or a 20-foot drop. Even if you can’t read the drives after the mishap, IoSafe guarantees you up to $5,000 per terabyte for forensic recovery of your data.

The Synology system at the heart of the IoSafe 214 could potentially replace your home router, firewall, VPN appliance, backup device, print server, and media server, and IoSafe has packaged all of that into a case that should survive fire or flood. The Synology DNA gives you a Dropbox-like private cloud storage solution that allows you to upload and download content from just about anywhere, with even limited support for Windows Phone. IoSafe has chosen its NAS partner extremely well and taken a great NAS and made it even better.