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Patching - Annoying, but Important

Patches, annoying, right?
We know that sometimes it’s frustrating when your computer needs to restart to install updates. 
We know how annoying it is to have to stop work, save everything and let your computer restart, but it’s a very important part of our cybersecurity protection.
Each time a cyber-attack is successful against an Australian business it costs them an average of $8,899 - $32,443, and around 75% of attempted cyber-attacks are prevented by patches and updates.
What are Patches?
Patches, or updates, are small changes the developers make to their applications. They create patches to add new features, fix problems, or close gaps that make the application vulnerable to cyber criminals.
This last type is called security patches and they play a key role in protecting both you and the business.
Security patches are only released when there is a problem, and sometimes are released in an emergency when there is a problem, and some cybercriminals have already found it and are actively using it to attack other organisations.
What can you do to help?
We know you can’t always restart your computer right away, and we understand that. But, when you see new patches are available, please check your calendar and see what you have coming up, maybe there's a meeting you don’t need to take your laptop to, or maybe you can let it restart while you are getting a coffee or lunch.
When using other applications that don’t automatically update and you see an update is available, let it install and use the latest version of the application.
As always, we appreciate your support and if you do have any questions, please direct them to IT.
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