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General Electric has gone full 365

WINGEToday both Microsoft and General Electric have announced one of the largest-ever contracts for Office 365.

The company will outfit over 300,000 employees across 170 countries with Office 365 licenses. GE’s Chief Technology Officer, Larry Biagini, defined the decision for going with Microsoft’s solutions as having the following requirements:

  • A comprehensive and integrated set of productivity capabilities including email, Skype for Business calling and meetings, real-time document co-authoring, and team collaboration.
  • Extensibility of the Office 365 platform, which will enable GE to enhance the capabilities of critical line-of-business applications by connecting to Office 365 through open APIs.
  • IT controls and security capabilities that enable GE to provide employees with secure access to information and full productivity capabilities on a multitude of devices, while adhering to corporate policies, industry regulations and legal requirements.

Quote from Biagini “We wanted to get out of an environment where upgrades were a point-in-time decision, and that cadence of being able to take advantage of new functionality is something that we believe we’re going to get huge advantage from.”

Originally posted on Windows IT Pro