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Uber Buys Microsoft Data center and other Assets


Uber, the popular ride-sharing software company, has bought a Microsoft data center and other assets that support mapping image collection operations for Bing.

San Francisco-based Uber isn’t saying much about its plans for the assets, and Microsoft explained the move simply by saying it was one of “many actions” it has been taking to focus on its core strategy.

A Microsoft spokesperson said in an emailed statement:

“We will no longer collect mapping imagery ourselves, and instead will continue to partner with premium content and imagery providers for underlying data while concentrating our resources on the core user experience. With this decision, we will transfer many of our imagery acquisition operations to Uber.”

Assets sold to Uber include a Microsoft data center outside of Boulder, Colorado, cameras, software, and a license to Microsoft’s intellectual property, the spokesperson said.

According to news reports, Uber is also gaining a sizable image-collection team, consisting of about 100 employees.

“Originally posted on Data Center Knowledge”